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XEN is the ticker symbol for a cryptocurrency called Xen Network imagined by Jack Levin from the Fair Crypto Foundation. The project has been launched in October 2022 and in only few months already over 333 million adresses have minted XEN on 10 chains.

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Following the principles of Crypto: Self-custody, Transparency, Permissionless. The XEN community developped a set of tools to "Mint", "Stake" and "Burn" the XEN Token.

Xenturbo: The Explorer

Using Xenturbo you can explore for each blockchain the current state of the XEN token. Mint and claim Costs, Price, Circulating Supply, Market Capitalisation and many more information... Xenturbo explorer

Cointool: The Minter

Start minting now with this easy to use and yet superpowerful batch minter tool. Simply choose one blockchain Network and define the Mint Number and Term in days and Mint your own XEN. Don't forget that to have a profitable minting you need to choose a "Term days" long enough like 100, 200 or 400 days.

Cointool Batch Mint

DBXen: The Digital Bond

DBXen is another community built crypto protocol contributing to XEN deflation using the burn function of the XEN smart contract to mint over the following 62 years a total capped supply of 5 millions $DXN. DBXen's goal is to offer a digital bond, producing daily trustless yield without any centralised risk. Indeed It proposes a totally different reward system that will yield a passive income for $DXN holders thus it's an alternative to XENFTs and other burning tokens (i.e. the Reflection token, FENIX).

DBXen website DBXen litepaper

Xenify: The aggressive burner

Xenify is a very new community built crypto protocol released end of 2023, this project is quite similar to DBXen above. Indeed the tokenomics is inspired by even if with Xenify the token XNF can be burned using the XEN from the different chains (XEN, bXEN, aXEN, fmXEN) but at a different ratio defined in the smart contract compared to DBXen where every chain has its dedicated DBXen token.

Xenify is far more complex and includes more options and more tokens and it seems to attract more user so it's contributing aggressively to XEN deflation using the burn function of the XEN smart contract to mint over the following 205 years a total capped supply of 22.6 million XNF. Xenify website Xenify litepaper

Fenix: The Time Deposit

Fenix is a another community built crypto protocol created by Joe Blau and Johad Ellis, two very talented software engineers having multiple significant professional experiences for well-known companies such as Uber or Darpa. This project was launched on the Polygon blockchain on April 29th 2023 and in May 2023 on all the others major blockchains. This project is further contributing to XEN deflation using the burn function of the XEN smart, by burning XEN user will receive FENIX at ratio of 10 000:1 (10,000 XEN burned equals 1 FENIX). The mecanism of time deposit is inspired by the HEX protocol but here FENIX does it in a more fair and transparent way. The principle is to reward crypto stakers for delayed gratification, indeed an user must choose how long to stake their FENIX to be able to claim it at the end of the period with the trustless yield in bonus. The minimum stake length is 1 day, with a maximum of 7777, or ~21 years. The longer the staking time horizon, the more FENIX a user receives.

Fenix website Fenix litepaper

XEN.pub: The Dashboard

XEN.pub is an interesting website created by Jozef Jarosciak that aggregates the smart contracts data related to the various official and community projects around XEN such as XEN, XENFT and DBXEN. In one simple view you can explore all the statistics related to each projects such as Rank, Mint, Stake...

XEN.pub website

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You can also explore the others resources created by the community of XEN cryptocurrency project. Be sure to do your own research and do the appropriate to secure your set of wallets when using any unknown tools.

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We gathered for you the most interesting articles and tutorials about XEN, you can find these articles useful if you are trying to dive deep into all the details of the XEN crypto.

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It's important to note that the value of any cryptocurrency can fluctuate significantly, and there is a risk of loss when you invest in it. As with any investment, it's important to do your own research and carefully consider your risk tolerance before buying XEN or any other cryptocurrency.