XEN Crypto Forks

Discover the XEN cosystem

XEN is the ticker symbol for a cryptocurrency called Xen Network imagined by Jack Levin from the Fair Crypto Foundation. The project has been launched in October 2022 and in only few months already over 333 million adresses have minted XEN on 10 chains.

XEN Forks

Following the principles of Crypto: Self-custody, Transparency, Permissionless. Jack Levin's ideas were quickly approved by many people especially on Crypto Twitter (CT) and thus the community quickly gained momentum in just a few months after the launch of the project in October 2022. In March 2023 the price started to turn to the upside and rise sharply with volumes also rising sharply. The community continues to grow and we are starting to see forks of the XEN Crypto project appear. On this page you can find the list of these different clone projects.

TitanX Crypto

TitanX appeared end of 2023 almost one year after the creation of XEN. This project is a fork of XEN but with some important modification. Indeed the founder also added some of the features from the old unfamous project called HEX. These features are a locking mechanism similar to Certificate of Deposit system used in banks where users have the possibility to lock up their coins for a certain duration, the longer they lock, the more ETH yield they get. This is very different to the initial XEN vision where users can unstack at anytime theirs coins without loosing any money except the yield, with TitanX users are locked to earn yield, they can't sell. TitanX Crypto whitepaper | TitanX Crypto app

XEX Crypto

This mysterious project is very similar to XEN but it does not yet have much enthusiasm from the community on Crypto Twitter, indeed very few people talk about it, the community is very discreet that's why we call it the mysterious and we put a warning on the significant risk of this project, which lacks adoption and liquidity. The project has the slogan "Mint. vibes. Repeat.". XEX is free-to-mint like XEN, it is also deployed on all the best known blockchains ETH, AVAX, MATIC, BSC, FTM. But the token is the same all these chains unlike XEN so it doesn't makes sense to mint on the chain that are expensive like Ethereum. Unlike XEN the distribution will be more faster, indeed all the tokens will be minting in 2 years. The Staking is also higher on XEX, it vary between 35% and 50% APR.

The project mainly highlights its collection of NFT Xexadons, it is a 10k PFP collection generated by AI and deployed on all major blockchains but also BTC ordinals. We also appreciate the public roadmap that has a long term vision. XEX Crypto website | XEX AMA on Binance Live | XEX Community

Meter MEN Crypto

The Meter MEN project is a fork of XEN cryptocurrency deployed on the Meter Network blockchain only early March 2023, this fork has been modified to integrate a more sustainable Tokenomics, it means it's not free to mint, instead you need to pay 0.5 MTRG. Following the enthusiasm and success of the original XEN project that are deployed on the various mainstream blockchains, this project aims to use the same principles to increase the adoption and user base of the Meter Network blockchain. XEN aims to empower individuals to navigate the evolving world of cryptocurrencies through understanding the first principles of crypto: self-custody, transparency, trust by consensus, and the permissionless exchange of value without the risk. counterpart as originally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto. Update 11/2023: The project has been stopped and no longer exists, for reference the website was https://metermen.org/


It's important to note that the value of any cryptocurrency can fluctuate significantly, and there is a risk of loss when you invest in it. As with any investment, it's important to do your own research and carefully consider your risk tolerance before buying XEN or any other cryptocurrency.